Let us Rise Up with Compassion


I invite you with all of my heart to join me in a mission of steadfast unstoppable intention, to think positive thoughts and cultivate positive energy upon our neighbourhood. Locally we as a collective must do much to improve the levels of non-judgmental compassion and kindness. These are the highest human ideals, and the most powerful. It is who we are, to treat each other like family. That is who we are.

It is who we are to see our neighbours as our brother and our sister.

It is who we are to actively reach out for, and strive towards reconciliation and forgiveness with our enemies.

It is who we are to bridge misunderstandings between religions and faiths, and help all of us remember in a state of calmness that we have the same ancestors. That is scientific proof that we are a family. Aside from that scientific fact we must also resolve or recognize that we have the same spiritual ancestor. That is to say, the universal stuff that governs the universe, is not simply a set of scientific principles to which we are all bound helplessly. There is another principle, largely unrecognized so far in scientific knowledge development of the scientific community, which is above the physical world. This does not mean it is prone to governance that necessarily breaks the laws of physics – it simply means it is more powerful than the physical world, because it is an animated consciousness, to which the laws of the physical world are prone, rather than vice-versa.

Let us rise up in compassion. I invite you to challenge yourself. Reach out and speak up about the importance of righteousness’ growth. Our better nature must materialize.

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Reach out for our human family.

The world is full of people who are suffering terribly right now.  We need more love.  And more leadership  in that love.  People need to stand up strongly and defend the important, i.e. the well-being and comfort of their fellow man.  That is what matters.  That is where our success lies – in the future of each other’s health and happiness.

When we look at terrible wars around the world, they seem so far away.  Because we are used to seeing bad reports on television and the newspapers.  It has become a part of our mundane daily routine to read or hear about the terrible fighting on the other side of the world.  But how close it is!  These people are our relatives.  We have the same ancestors.  The earth is very small compared to our ability to travel upon it – this was not the case 200 years ago but it is now.    And the fighting and loss of the human spirit is just a few hours away.

There needs to be a rising up of good people to counter and set straight the confused behaviour and lack of understanding on the part of our brothers who kill and hurt others.   We need leadership from those who have the ability to do this.  We need to spend our time collectively, moving towards a state of peace within the human race.  This can only be done when we all work together.  It takes all of us.

Reach out and speak of good.  That is my message.  Speak of human goodness and our ability to overcome our problems.  Time spent on other thoughts and notions are small in importance to this.    As a human family, we are able to overcome our problems.  We are able to forgive each other.  This is the way forward and we must embrace it.

Reach out and love people.  Love the people your ego feels least compelled to love – those who have nothing to give you.  Those most desperate for charity and goodness.  That is where the treasure lies.

Reach out with your deep emotion.  The river of life in the human heart has all the power and more to support our dreams and desires.  Simply reach out and you will have the power.

No more hurting.  No more selfishness.  No more killing.  This is not our choice for the future of this world.  Instead, we choose brotherly love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion and cooperation.  We choose friendship.  We choose to be peaceful.

Reach out and make this a reality.  We are all together in this human experience.  We are all together in our need for God’s grace upon us.

God bless our human family.

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Go within, and find the peace that has eluded you.

Love resides inside of the person. He or she that devotes himself to exploring inwardly, to spending the time in meditation, in the sitting position, can find this love and can find peace. Without going inwardly we will not find it. It is not “out there”, in the having of the latest thing. It is within.


We need to contemplate. We as one people need to contemplate where we need to go from here. We have populated so quickly on the scale of evolution, it is like we are in a state of shock. The reality has not sunk in yet, of what we have become. We are unlike any other creature on earth, and perhaps in the universe. We have the capacity for scientific excellence, but are not focussed on the important goals ahead.


The shrinking greenery and increasing temperature of the world are still not the prime topics of our politics. Yes it is having a profound effect on us.


We need to talk about this more.




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